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About Mojo Full-Spectrum CBD Pet Supplements


Mojo Full-Spectrum CBD Pet Supplements are the “newest supplement in Canine Care Giving” for Canadian pet owners now! These are for canine pet owners who want to help support their pets with; arthritis, anxiety, inflammation, appetite loss, cancer or facing pain in their advancing years. 

Mojo Full-Spectrum CBD Pet Supplements are much more than yummy treats in a bag!


Mojo Full-Spectrum CBD Pet Supplements are specially formulated, prepared and packaged in Ontario, Canada. Our manufacturing is certified SQF Level 3; the most comprehensive level of auditing for safe, quality pet treats manufactured in Canada. Ensuring Canadian pet owners Mojo CBD Pet Supplements are simply pure organic quality in every way and 100% pure Canadian product.

A Furever Friend

Every dog, especially older dogs or cats love their Mojo in the morning.   The easiest and yummiest way for dog owners to integrate pure organic full-spectrum CBD is as a sustainable daily supplement. It is certified and third party lab tested in Canada and is 100% pure organic Canadian product!

Our Next Collection Fruit & Vegetable By Brisbee!

Mojo Apple Full Spectrum CBD Supplements

An apple a day keeps the veterinarian away.  With plenty of fiber and vitamin C, these yummy chewy apple snaps are low-cal, cholesterol and fat-free.
Mojo Apple Full-Spectrum CBD Pet Supplements available shorty

Mojo Sweet Potato Full Spectrum CBD Supplements

Whether your dog has a wheat or corn allergy, or wants to try something more delicious than usual, these Sweet Potato chewy snaps, are sure to be a hit! Using only human food grade ingredients, they are packed with vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, B6, potassium, phosphorus, iron. There’s plenty of fiber to aid in digestion as well, coming soon


What more could a dog ask for, than my Mojo every morning! 

Content & Analysis


Small to Medium size dogs, would love one (1) Mojo CBD Pet Supplement every morning;



Medium to Large Dogs would love one Mojo FS-Hemp-CBD Pet Supplement every morning and one every evening.   

(1 mg. per 10 lbs of dog weight.  Maximum 7.5 mg or 3 Mojo Live Snaps per day for large breeds per day).


Beef Liver, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic

Coconut Oil and Full-Spectrum Organic

cannabidiol (CBD).

Content Analysis:


Cannanbidiol 2.5MG Per Supplement (max)

MCT Coconut Oil 0.25% (min)

Crude Protein 66.5% (min)

Crude Fat 15.62% (min)

Crude Fiber 0.29% (max)

Moisture 6.0% (max)

Ash 3.91% (max)

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Mojo Pet Supplements rolls out in pet retail and online May 24, 2018 with our "Full-Spectrum CBD Pet Supplements!  The first to roll out is the yummy new "Gluten Free Liver CBD Snaps"

In July, Mojo Pet Supplements plans to roll out; Duck & Chicken and more...

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