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Mojo Pet Supplements Standards

Quality Guaranteed In Every Bite


We want you to be completely satisfied with every purchase of Mojo Pet Supplements+ Hemp Sativa Extract Superfood Nutraceutical Pet Supplements, THC free. 

If you are in any way dissatisfied with our product you ordered through We’ll exchange it, replace it or refund your money within 30 days of purchase.  Simply email us at the problem, and we’ll take care of you.

within 24 hours or less.

Please call us at 1-905-851-8921 if you'd like further clarification or questions. 

SQF Manufactured Certification


Mojo Pet Supplements+  Pure Hemp  Sativa Extract Superfood Nutraceutical, THC free are manufacturer under the highest manufacturing standard possible for Canadian pet owners under.  "SQF manufactured certification", which is the most comprehensive level of auditing for safe, quality, food for pet supplements in Canada. 

Ensuring Canadian pet owners, Mojo Pet Supplements+  Pure Hemp  Sativa Extract Superfood Nutraceutical Pet Supplements are the highest in safe, quality food certified, 100% made in Canada under the high standards for our customers! 

Third-Party-Lab Tested & Certified


Mojo Pet Supplements+ Pure Hemp Sativa Extract Superfood Nutraceutical Pet Supplements, THC free are "Third Party-Lab-Tested Certified" by a professional and independent organization has reviewed the manufacturing process of a product and has independently determined that the final product complies with specific standards for safety, quality or performance. 

This review typically includes comprehensive formulation/material reviews, testing and facility inspections. Most certified products bear the certifier’s mark on their website and other media to help consumers and other buyers make educated purchasing decisions. 

100% All Natural!


We do this by ensuring our products are all natural, so you can feel good about rewarding your pets!

Maintaining the highest quality and combination of 100% natural ingredients from verified farms.

100% No Additives!


 We do this by ensuring our products have no additives.  Our technique enhances the flavour without deep frying, artificially processing, smoking or chemically drying them so they remain 100% natural! 

100% No Preservatives!


Our  Mojo Pet Supplements+  Pure Hemp  Sativa Extract Superfood Nutraceutical Pet Supplements are made with single source, human food-grade ingredient: 100% Canadian, federally-inspected beef liver, chicken and pork are from certified farms. We slow bake them to ensure the perfect crunch, or snap them in half easily to stretch the quantity for your pets:) 

Our Monthly Rotational Collection

Mojo Pet Supplements+ Pure Hemp Sativa Extract Superfood Nutraceutical Pet Supplements, THC free;

keeps the veterinarian away, however always consult with your veterinarian we highly recommend please and thank you.  With plenty of fiber and vitamin C, these yummy chewy apple snaps coming soon are low-cal, cholesterol and fat-free.   Mojo Pet Supplements+ Hemp Sativa Extract Superfood Nutraceutical Pet Supplements will be available in 2019 

Mojo Pet Supplements+ Pure Hemp Sativa Extract Superfood Nutraceutical Pet Supplements, Sweet Potato;

Whether your dog has a wheat or corn allergy, or wants to try something more delicious than usual, these Sweet Potato chewy snaps, are sure to be a hit! Using only human food grade ingredients, they are packed with vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, B6, potassium, phosphorus, iron. There’s plenty of fiber to aid in digestion as well.


As well-being high in hemp essential: Vitamins A, D3, E and B, Minerals, Fiber, Omega Fatty Acids 3,6,9, Protein, Gluten Free, 100% All Natural, NONGMO Verified. Specifically formulated to HELP SUPPORT YOUR PET FOR LIFE...


Mr. Brisbee / V.P. Taste Analysis

What more could a dog ask for... 




Our new "Mojo Pet Supplements+ Pure Hemp Sativa Extract Nutraceutical (Nutritional/pharmaceutical) product line (chicken, pork and beef liver) have been specially formulated for pet owners looking for a product that is:

· SQF Manufactured Certified, ensuring trusted safe quality food for their pet(s).

· 100% Humane-Grade Beef Liver, Pork & Chicken from certified farms.

· 100% All Natural

· 100% No Artificial Flavours.

· 100% No Colours

· 100% No Preservatives

· 100% Canadian Owned & Operated


As well looking for in every bite;


• Vitamins A, D3, E & B are a group of important vitamins that play a major role in your pet’s health;

- Vitamin A:  the vitamin in carrots that is responsible for good vision your parents promised you. Also responsible for growth, fetal development, immune function, cell function, reproduction, and cellular communication.

- Vitamin D3; is a fat-soluble vitamin (i.e., stored in the fatty tissues of the body and liver) that is vital in regulating the calcium and phosphorous balance in your dog’s body.  It also promotes the retention of calcium, thus aiding bone and teeth formation and nerve and muscle control.

- Vitamin E; is an antioxidant that can help defend the body against free radicals in the skin and other cells. Vitamin E is also an essential, fat-soluble vitamin that is good for a dog's immune system, muscles, heart health, liver, nerve cell membranes and healthy skin and coat.

- Vitamin B; helps regulate energy and carbohydrate metabolism, and activates ion channels in neural tissue.

• High In Hemp Nutrition

• High In Hemp Protein

• High In Hemp Fibre

• Omega Fatty Acids 3, 6 and 9

• GMO Free Verified


  •  More importantly only a few all natural ingredients and hypoallergenic pet supplements; may support reduced risk of allergies occurring or recurring from to many unknown ingredients, artificial additives, etc., seen in some other similar products.