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Our Hemp Sativa Extract Superfood "Chicken" Supplement"

Mojo Pet Supplements+ Newest "Chicken" SQF (safe, quality food) Manufactured Certified" pure "Hemp Sativa Extract Oil + Pure Hemp Sativa Protein" Infused pet supplements are for pet owners who want to help support their pet(s) for life; anxiety, inflammation, muscle health, skin & coat, cardiovascular health, energy, immune system, digestion, seizures, arthritis, aggressiveness and hypoallergenic for PUPPIES TO ADULT DOGS.

Les suppléments pour animaux de la compagnie Mojo sont destinés aux propriétaires qui souhaitent soutenir leurs animaux domestiques en prenant soin de leur santé musculaire, cardiovasculaire, de leur peau et pelage, et réduire anxiété, inflammation, digestion, arthrite et hypoallergénique pour les animaux domestiques.

Mojo Pet Supplements+ are SQF Manufactured (safe, Quality Food) Certified, Third-Party-Lab Tested and 100% Pure Hemp Sativa Infused Nutraceutical Supplements. They are uniquely formulated  like no other for pet health & well-being, puppies to adult dogs with non-psychoactive effect.

Les suppléments pour animaux de compagnie Mojo (SQF Agréé) sont 100% ‘Qualité Organique Pure' dans nos suppléments d’huile d’extrait de chanvre de Sativa infusé de manière holistique avec des effets non-psychoactifs et totalement. 

Our Superfood Ingredients:

  • 100% Human-Grade "CHICKEN" From Certified Farms.
  • 100% Pure Organic Hemp Sativa Extract Oil
  • 100% Pure Organic Hemp Sativa Protein.

Content Analysis:

  • Hemp Sativa Extract Oil 5 mg Per Supplement (max)
  •  Hemp Sativa Protein Per Supplement 35% (min)
  • Crude Protein 20.65% (min)
  • Crude Fiber 7.86% (max)
  • Crude Fat 18.48% (min)
  • Moisture 4.93% (max) 
  • Ash 3.84% (max)

Our Manufacturering Standards:  

  • 100% SQF Mfg. (Safe, Quality, Food) Certified.
  • 100% All Natural From Verified Farms.
  • 100% No Additives Ensure Natural Flavours.
  • 100% No Preservatives or Artificial Colours.
  • 100% Third-Party-Lab Tested Certified.
  • 100% Canadian Owned & Manufactured.  


12th BAG FREE:

Mojo Pet Supplements is the only hemp pet supplement company to offer its customers, "12th BAG FREE CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAM across Canada for life...

Feeding Instructions: 

  • Small breeds would love one (1) Mojo Pet Supplement every morning.

  • Un supplement Mojo tous les jours est idéal pour les chiens de petite à moyenne taille.  

  • Medium to large breeds would love one (1) Mojo Pet Supplement+ for breakfast, (1) lunch and dinner or otherwise up to three (3) maximum daily: (5 mg per 10 lbs of animal weight. Maximum 3 Mojo Pet Supplements+ for per day for large breeds).

  • Les chiens de moyenne à grande taille peuvent prendre un Supplément Mojo tous les matins, midi et soirs. (5 mg par 10 lb du poids du chien. Maximum 3 Mojo Pet Supplements de foie pour les grands chiens par jour).