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CBD Pet Supplements

Mojo Pet Supplements+ Pure Hemp Sativa Extract Nutraceutical Superfood monthly rotational BEEF LIVER, CHICKEN and PORK, came to market in 2018 and 2019 for Canadian pet owners.  Incredible in less than 6 months due to customer demand.  We're in the largest pet chains across Canada thanks to you!  Global Pet Foods, Bone & Biscuit and hundreds of local pet store locations in nearly every province. 

Mojo Pet Supplements is the first SQF Manufactured Certified, Third-Party-Lab-Tested, 100% All Natural, 100% No Additives, 100% No Artificial Flavors or Colors, 100% No Preservatives all in only three ingredients for Canadian pet owners!

Our SQF Manufactured Certification and standards are next to none.  Our Beef liver, Pork and Chicken are 100% human-grade from certified farms across the country.  This ensures that Canadian pet owners,  Mojo Pet Supplements+ are the highest in safe, quality food certified and only three ingredients!

Mojo Pet Supplements Standards:  

100% SQF Mfg. (Safe, Quality, Food) Certified.

100% All Natural From Verified Farms.

100% No Additives Ensure Natural Flavours.

100% No Preservatives or Artificial Colours.

100% Third-Party-Lab Tested Certified.

100% Canadian Owned & Manufactured.

12th BAG FREE:

Mojo Pet Supplements is the only hemp pet supplement company to offer its customers, "12th BAG FREE CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAM across Canada for life...

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