I started giving my 13 yr old bichon mix your mojo beef chewable tablets a few months ago. I was looking forward to seeing your rep. At little chief downtown St. Catharines Ontario, however with the onset of covid19 the date with your rep. Was cancelled and we missed out. Casper is a very picky eater. He will not eat anything unless it is pretty much pure meat or cheese. He likes your beef mojo very much but I wanted him to try the chicken and pork flavours to see if he would eat them, your product has changed his behaviour drastically. Casper was having a hard time getting around and up stairs, now you would think he was only a few years old. I would like to know if you have any samples you can send for him to try. It would really help up make up our mind.
Thanks for reading our message

Shawn and Casper