Mojo Pet Supplements VHP/NN Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) Tablet Chews are a natural supplement that help support a wide range of medicinal benefits and nutritional needs for patients (dogs), trusted by pet owners and patients.  Veterinary science formulated in a supplements form for ease of use and correct dosing, helping support and reduce inflammation, improve mobility and joint health in patient(s). Mojo Pet Supplements provide essential nutrients, minerals, fiber, proteins, and vitamins in a single bite.

“Choose safe, high-quality pet supplements formulated by veterinary science and printed with VHP/NN# on the label.” Ensuring pet owner and patient(s) tried and tested and health Canada authorized. It’s important to choose a product with a VHP/NN# label to ensure safety for pets.

Mojo Pet Supplements reduce inflammation in dogs with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are known to have anti-inflammatory properties and have been shown to reduce inflammation in the body.  In addition to its direct effects on inflammation, Mojo Pet Supplements support and help to improve overall health and wellness in patients. It can help to improve coat and skin health, support joint and mobility, and improve immune system function.

Consult with Veterinarian

It’s important to note that before giving any Hemp (cannabis sativa) oil or any supplement to your patients (dogs), it is always best to consult with your veterinarian.  They can help you determine the appropriate dosage and ensure that hemp oil is safe for your patients, as well as check for any potential drug interactions with other medications your dog may be on.

Mojo’s anti-inflammatory properties, along with its rich nutrient content, make it a powerful tool for reducing inflammation and promoting overall health and wellness in patients.  It is a natural, non-toxic, and non-psychoactive alternative to traditional medications. Mojo Pet Supplements hemp (cannabis sativa) Tablet Chews complement chronic inflammation-related treatments to improve mobility and quality of life.

Mojo Pet Supplements hemp Tablet Chews provide safe, effective medicinal and nutritional benefits for pets. It is important to note that while hemp (cannabis sativa) oil is safe and effective. It is always recommended to consult with a veterinarian.  Mojo Pet Supplements should have a VHP/NN # printed on the label like a human D.I.N #. Ensure safety by using Mojo Pet Supplements tested by pets across Canada and free of harmful contaminants.