About mojo1

Mojo Pet supplements are made with love and care, changing the quality of lives for companion animals has been our passion and mission for years. We’ve successfully accomplished this by following a few basic beliefs; Only use human-grade ingredients, keep it 100% all natural and manufacture with the highest quality ingredients and standards next to none. Plus must show results nutritionally and medicinally for owner and pet to see, feel and trust for life. Mojo Pet Supplements is a proud Canadian Human-Grade Food Hemp Company, support dogs and cats for long-life, health & well-being. Mojo Pet Supplements Pure Hemp Sativa (Oil) + Pure Hemp Protein (Dried) Nutraceutical Treats for dogs and cats are uniquely formulated under the highest standards; SQF Certified Manufactured, ensure retailers and their customers pet’s the highest Standard in Safe Quality Food Manufacturing in the world. Made with single-source human-grade protein, beef liver, duck, chicken, and salmon all together offer profound nutritional and medicinal benefits to help support pets of all ages. Providing improved quality of life, body functions, health & wellness for our companion animals All-In-One-Bite!


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