What To Know To Keep Your Pets Hemp Healthy, Well And Safe In 2023?

So many pet owners across Canada taking advantage of the benefits of hemp health and wellness for their pets. How important is it what to know when “buying hemp supplement(s)” and why?

Selling CBD oil illegally in Canada can carry significant risks for both individuals and businesses. Although CBD oil has been gaining popularity in recent years for its purported health benefits, it is still considered a controlled substance, schedule 2 drug in Canada, and it is illegal to sell unless approved by health Canada no exceptions.

One of the most significant risks associated with selling CBD oil illegally is the possibility of facing legal consequences. In Canada, individuals and businesses that sell CBD oil without the appropriate health Canada approval or products can face fines, legal action, and more. The penalties for selling illegal CBD oil can be severe, and the potential consequences can be life-altering.

In addition to the legal risks, selling CBD oil illegally can also harm a business’s reputation. Customers expect to be able to trust the products they purchase, and selling illegal products can erode that trust. If a business is caught, warned selling illegal CBD oil, or a pet gets sick you they can proceed with legal action you cant fight as a result selling schedule 2 illegal drugs/products.  As well health Canada, police involvement all will seriously damage a business and much more…

Another risk associated with selling CBD oil illegally is the potential harm it can cause to customer. Without proper regulation and oversight, there is no way to ensure that the CBD oil being sold is safe.  This lack of oversight can lead to products that are contaminated or contain harmful contaminates, chemicals, additives, posing a risk to customers’ health.

Furthermore, selling CBD oil illegally can harm the legitimate businesses that have invested in obtaining the proper health Canada licenses and permits. These businesses must adhere to strict regulations and undergo rigorous testing to ensure that their products are safe, tried and tested and effective without harm to customer.

NOTE: Typically illegal hemp oil products for pets are sold in tincture bottle and have no VHP/NN # (Veterinary Health Product Number) printed on the product label.  As these products show to be contaminated with extremely harmful levels of pesticides, heavy metals, molds, bacteria’s, and other harmful substances vary common in illegal cultivation, and why they have no VHP/NN# on product labels.  These toxins are causing long-term damage to unknowing pet owners pets’ liver, kidneys, and other organs, leading to health problems and unexpected veterinary costs down the road.  More importantly black market drug dealers/suppliers typically show Bogus COA’s and without harmful contaminates listed to unknowing buyers.  As no legal laboratory can test illegals drugs by law in Canada, example take some black market cocaine typically with other contaminates to see if they will test it or call the police?  Not forgetting there are no grey areas in Canada any more, your either compliant or your a drug dealer presently under the cannabis Act, classed schedule 2 drugs and at great risk!

More importantly illegal hemp oil products are mislabeled, with inaccurate information, lacking other required information, No VHP/NN # on product label, limited or no ingredients list, quality of ingredients from the black market sold to unknowing pet owners. Typically, in many cases tinctures hemp oil bottles leads to accidental overdosing or underdosing the patient (dogs or cat). It can be vary confusing for pet owners to know how much to give their pets. As tincture are administered by milligrams per drip to weight of animal to correct amount of drips given in a single dosing to animal can get very complected.

In conclusion, the risks of selling CBD oil illegally in Canada are significant and can have lasting consequences. From legal action to damaged reputations and customer harm, the risks associated with illegal CBD oil sales are simply not worth it when you have equal, safer products you can sell without concern for your business and customers pets health and wellness. Businesses and individuals interested in selling CBD oil in Canada must take the necessary steps to obtain the proper licenses and permits, ensuring that their products are safe, effective, and legal.

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