New to giving your patient (dog or cat) Mojo Pet Supplements VHP/NN Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) Tablet Chews for medicinal or nutritional use for a healthier star every day, we’ve got you covered. Our pure full-spectrum hemp sativa crude oil extract, and pure hemp sativa protein tablet chews.  Are veterinary science formulated and correctly measured with all the right ingredients all-in-one-bite.  So there’s no under or over dosing, made for easy consumption and convenience for pet owners and yummy and tasty for patient (dog or cat) with lots of choices for those fussy pets.  If your patient (dog or cat) is hesitant to try, mix with a small amount of a preferred food or try another Mojo protein (beef liver, duck, salmon, chicken):

Directions for use:

Puppy/Small dog breeds (Dogs <20 lbs) – give one (1) hemp sativa chewable tablet once per day.

Medium dog breeds (Dogs 20-40 lbs)give one (1) hemp sativa chewable tablet in the morning, and one (1) chewable supplements in the evening.

Large dog breeds (Dogs >40 lbs)give one (1) hemp sativa supplements, three times per day.

Cats (all weights/sizes)give half (0.5) to one (1.0) hemp sativa chewable supplement once per day with food. Simply crush and sprinkle into cat food. Kittens, one quarter (.25) daily.