“Helping Support The Pet Community Through Amazing Like Global Pet Foods Stores”

Come join the Mojo community, as we’re super excited to be at Global Pet Foods Milton this Friday. Educating staff and customers on the incredible health and wellness benefits of Mojo Pet Supplements Hemp (cannabis sativa) tablet chews for dogs and cats. Health Canada and VHP/NN veterinary science formulated. Changing pets lives with all the right ingredients, All-In-One-Bite for long life health & wellness for all ages of pets. Helping support their: anxiety or calming, reduce inflammation and help pets arthritis and mobility issues. As well in every bite all natural essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibre, and Omega’s! Helping maintain, develop and support your pets muscle & cardiovascular health development, skin & coat development health, immune and digestive support! That pets and owners can see, feel, and trust from an all Canadian company. Safe, tried and tested by thousands of pets across Canada changing their quality of life everyday through amazing companies like Global Pet Foods: