My dog is 13. He started having major issues with his hip, 2 months ago. This past week, we noticed he couldn’t stand up. I had to hoist his backend.

2 days ago, it seemed even worse. He even would fall down while taking him out to do his business.

He also suffers from anxiety.

Yesterday we went to a pet store, cause I was looking for something with hemp, and this treat was recommended.

I gave him 3 beef liver chewable tablets once we go home. The wife and I woke up early to go for a drive to Tim Horton’s. Jersey was able to get up unassisted, and just needed a little boost to get in the car.

I must say, if this is due to just the 3 chewable tablets so far, I’m very impressed!

He is 90 lbs, and 13 years old. Is this the type of treat that can be used long term, with his food?

We also feed him Tri-Acta Maximum, and Acana Yorkshire Pork.

I love that you are a Canadian company.

Do you have any Mojo products that come in larger quantities? It’s expensive, and if it is going to be used long term, it would be nice to have more chewable tablets in a container.

I will give you updates after a full week. I look forward to seeing the results, especially after the improvement from one evening of us.