Jazzie girl is a 12.5 year old Golden Doodle. At about 9 years old she began to exhibit symptoms of spinal arthritis. Then in November 2016 she tripped over a leash and blew a knee. Within a week she blew the other knee.
Luckily we have an aquatics centre for dogs, so Jazzie began swim therapy. Initially she was on so much pain medication and had to be physically assisted and supervised for every movement. Slowly she began to recover and gain her mobility back. We tapered medications as she continued to improve, walking, swimming and squirrel hunting. Sadly, about 6 weeks ago we began to see some deterioration. She began knuckling on her back legs. Rather than using traditional pharmaceuticals we began the Mojo Pet supplements chewable tablets. The improvement was immediate. The knuckling stopped and she is again wanting to go for longer walks, which we think is an indication she is pain free. Last week she actually played with a puppy at the park. Thanks Mojo!