Dear Mojo Pet Supplements.

This is Bella.  She will be turning 14 this year.  She has had many surgeries over the years so I call her my million dollar baby.  She sadly has many ailments combined with the normal aches and pains of an aging dog. Bella’s panting and pacing as well as needing to be let out multiple times, was keeping us up at night.  So, with the hopes of avoiding pharmaceuticals, I started looking for a natural product to help with pain management. This is when I found MOJO. I was thrilled to find a Canadian company that provided all natural ingredients and I was able to find it at a local pet store!

Bella and our other dog Fitzy (10 this year) have been receiving one of these delicious supplements each night before bed and it has been life changing for all of us! Bella sleeps through the night most nights, her panting has reduced significantly which tells me these supplements are providing a good amount of pain relief.  She is much perkier and happier overall.

Thank you MOJO!

Krista Storey (she/her)