Want to introduce everyone to Brody, our 5 1/2 year old Westie, officially known as a West Highland White Terrier.
We have owned three Westies but by far Brody has the most Westitude. What exactly is it. It’s being a large dog in a small body. It’s “hey, I’m over here, pay attention to me”. It’s where ever my humans are, I have to be included.
So with most pure bred breeds there comes some issues and Brody is no exception. He is headstrong to the point of distraction sometimes. He does not like to be left out or left alone. He travels well but that is not always possible. That’s why we started using Mojo Pet Supplements over a year ago. We have tried a variety but his very favorite is Duck. It has really helped with his anxiety but an added benefit has been the vast improvement with his skin issues. Brody has allergies which causes him to produce excess dandruff which requires daily brushing to keep it under control. Since using the Mojos his skin is much improved. Without it we are sure he would have hot spots and would be missing patches of fur.
He’s not dandruff free but very much better than he was this time last year.

John and Sue O’Reilly
St. Thomas, Ontario