Hi everyone at Mojo!! It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been purchasing Mojo Liver Snaps for my Border Collies and we all love it!. Originally I started giving it to my old girl Molly who was almost 13 when she left us about a year ago. Border Collies are very active and mine definitely haven’t been an exception to the rule. I’ve always promoted tons of play, tons of swimming in the summer and tons of discipline to keep them on track but like all working dogs they get a bit tired and sore without letting us owners know about it. I started Molly on Mojo Liver Snaps – one per day – when she was 12 and still wanted to play like a pup. She was much more active and kept up very nicely with her newest sister Charlie who came along in 2015. Charlie is now the “old girl” at 5 years and has been enjoying Mojo Liver Snaps proactively – one per day – for the last year attempting to keep up with…or fend off…our newest little devil Stevie who arrived a year ago. Without the Liver Snaps, Charlie was occasionally slow to get moving after her daily romp with Stevie, or in the park with her frisbee or swimming for hours at the lake up north. That changed with her “once a day” Mojo chewable tablets and I felt great knowing that she was more comfortable after a hard day’s play. Stevie gets a Liver Snap proactively every day now too. They’re a wonderful healthy alternative to a lot of junky treats out there and although they’re small, they pack a lot of punch!! Both my girls thank you guys as they take a breather after a swim!!!

Hope that’s OK and talk soon…Mark

Mark Simchison


Niagara College School of Justice and Fitness Studies