The Benefits of Mojo’s Rotational Nutrition Program:

Have you ever had the same meal for an entire week? A month? A year? What if you had to eat the same exact meal for your whole life? This is essentially what some of us do to our pets — choose a food, supplement or treat and stick with it. And while keeping your dog or cat on a consistent diet isn’t unhealthy. Dependent on the quality of food your buying, some Veterinary, Nutritionists and Mojo believe and rave about an alternative called rotational feeding.

What is Rotational Feeding?

Mojo Pet supplements Hemp Sativa Oil + Protein dog and cat rotational feeding program; is really all about nutrition, variety and much more! Our all natural philosophy of ingredients for pets offer a dietary alternative — varying our all natural ingredients and proteins, chicken, beef, salmon, duck and liver monthly. Allows your dog or cat to enjoy the excitement and experience of getting a treat with different smells, flavors, textures, nutritional panels and benefits all-in-one-bite every month.

How is Rotational Feeding Beneficial?

Proponents of rotational feedings boast about the many health and behavioral benefits, but here are a few particular benefits to know as a customer:

1. Another complete approach to nutrient intake:

Many pet food products on the market are designed to be complete and balanced, dependent on the quality of the ingredients and good manufacturing practices (GMP). However, all natural food ingredients each have their own unique nutritional panel and benefits for dogs and cats. Components such as proteins, fibre, vitamins, iron, omega fatty acids, magnesium, and minerals and more can be found. With the right all natural ingredients, rotational feedings allows your pet to experience the benefits of two or more food groups and their nutritional panels is so important.

2. Creates excitement during mealtime:

Some dogs and cats become uninterested in their food once they are accustomed to certain smells, textures, and flavors over long-periods of time. With Mojo’s rotational feeding program; it’s like a new tasty adventure for pet and owner every time you say, who wants their Mojo, the excitement will begins

3. Reduce risk of food allergies and intolerances:

If consistently fed the same food with endless ingredients, some dogs and cats may develop an allergy or intolerance to the long list of ingredients in some cases.

When Should I Start My Mojo Rotational Feeding Program?

Start today but always consult a veterinarian or a veterinary nutritionist before beginning any rotational feedings for your dog or cat.

Mojo’s Rotational Nutrition Program (subscription)?

Monthly Subscription; helps support owner(s) and pet(s) in so many ways across Canada for long-life, health and well-being.

When you’re a Mojo subscriber you’re billed 1st of every month, never having to worry anymore as we do all the work for you.  You’re first shipment/order, beef liver ships immediately, next month duck, and so on until we’re back to beef liver and the rotation starts again.  With all those irresistible smells, tastes and textures given like a treat.  Please remember there are no obligations in anyway ever for our customers, only the benefits is how we roll at Mojo.   As there’s no obligations, simple email us at [email protected] with any question and/or to cancel your subscription, it’s that easy.

NOTE: Discounts, coupons not applicable to this subscription, thank you




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