Mojo Pet Supplements Hemp GMO Free Hemp Protein Pet Supplements We’ve almost finished our first bag of Mojo chewable tablets ! I can honestly say that I have already seen a difference, which is AMAZING. I’ve tried other calming treats for Cody before, but Mojo Pet Supplements chewable tablets definitely are been the best.

Cody used to get anxious at night and pace and drool everywhere. He is able to chill and relax with us now! I really appreciate how much he loves the taste and smell of the chicken version too. I had been giving him one with breakfast and one with dinner, but will probably switch to just one a day so the bag lasts longer.

I’m really excited to continue to see how he feels with the chewable tablets as a regular supplement :) Super excited about subscribing for the monthly discounts too, haha!

-Rachel (and Cody)