In Nov, 2022 I rescued Teddy, a 7 year old Springer Spaniel when a friend told me his owner had died, he’d been bitten 3x by the late owner’s daughter’s dog after they took him in and had left him in a kennel for 3 weeks with no chance of returning home. Teddy was traumatized.

Heavily drugged with anti-anxiety medication, Teddy was chewing the metal kennel bars. Prior to that they’d put him on Clomicalm, an OCD med for dogs. Thankfully that was short lived but when he came to me (I told my friend I would foster him) Teddy was on two major pharmaceuticals: trazodone and gabapentin.

In the first two weeks when I took Teddy to the vet and got him groomed, I could see these drugs not only made him lethargic but didn’t help his anxiety in the slightest.

At about this time a dear friend presented me with a bag of Mojo Pet Supplements Hemp Sativa Chew tablet, chicken flavored for Teddy. I had been seriously looking into hemp oil. However, my generous friend Marion assured me that Mojo have zero THC making it a safe, viable choice.

I’ve now had Teddy 2.5 months and he’s so much better. Lots of love, praise and two small daily doses of MOJO has helped me to get him used to riding public transit, happily walking on city streets, and interacting without great fear of other dogs. Teddy is easier to manage in general, and much less anxiousness and I’ve also seen the return of his playful side without the jagged terror that didn’t abate with the drugs he was prescribed?

I just bought our second bag of MOJO in duck flavor and I feel hopeful about freeing Teddy from pharmaceuticals permanently. I hear Mojo is also a good supplement for all aspects of Teddy’s health.

Ardene Shapiro
Toronto, ON