“Preparing Your Home For Pet Sitter When Going On Vacation

Planning a vacation? Ease stress by hiring a pet sitter. Prepare your home to maintain routine and provide necessary information for their care. Here are some tip

  1. Provide detailed instructions: Write down detailed instructions for feeding, walking, and caring for your pet, including any specific routines or habits. Also, provide emergency contact information, and make sure the pet sitter has a copy.
  2. Prepare a pet first aid kit: Make sure that the pet sitter has access to a pet first aid kit, and that it is properly stocked. Include items such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, and a pet-specific pain reliever.
  3. Stock up on pet supplies: Ensure that the pet sitter has plenty of food, water, and any other supplies that your pet needs. Label all pet food containers, and make sure that your pet’s feeding schedule is clearly marked.
  4. Provide a safe environment: Ensure that your home is safe for your pet, and that any hazardous items are out of reach. Show the pet sitter where the emergency exits are located and provide them with a key to the home.
  5. Leave contact information: Make sure the pet sitter has your cell phone number and the number of a trusted friend or family member who can be reached in case of an emergency.
  6. Provide an emergency plan: Provide the pet sitter with a plan for what to do in case of an emergency, including the location of the nearest veterinary clinic.
  7. Plan for medications: Provide clear medication instructions to the pet sitter if needed for your pet. Also, leave a supply of medication that will last for the duration of your trip.

Keep in mind:

Ensure peace of mind during your absence by hiring a pet sitter. Prepare your home to maintain routine and provide essential information for your pet’s care.

“Healthier pets, happier owners – that’s our motto even with new friends”