Valerie Stevenson:

“Duke, my 12 yr old Shepherd/Doberman mix had torn his cruciate ligament in both his back legs. One surgeried, one therapied. This was about 5 years ago. You can tell the discomfort he was in by his movements and mobility when playing with our other 6 yr old Shepherd Luna. We tried the Mojo Pet Supplements and have been amazed at how mobile he is now, engaging in playing again with Luna. He is able to get up from lying down with ease. You can tell he just feels better all round. I tried them for a couple months initially to see if it actually made more of a difference than the CBD oil I was giving him and I have to say it did. I would highly recommend this product for a dog with joint paint and arthritis. It has made Dukes quality of life so much better ??”

Thank You Mojo