Bauer and his brother Easton were born on October 15, 2007 at the Welland Humane Society. Their Mom was a Hurricane Katrina Survivor! When we made the decision to get a dog (notice how I talk about one dog!) we knew we would only adopt from the Humane Society. I went to look at the Puppies they had and instantly picked (who was to become) Bauer. I was then told that puppy was already spoken for so I immediately picked (who was to become) Easton. I then told the Staff Member to hold that thought as I was going to return with my 2 children – Brianna & Brodie. When we returned, Brianna instantly chose Bauer and Brodie instantly chose Easton, only to find out much to our pleasure that Bauer was no longer spoken for!! The irony in that my two children chose the same two puppies that I chose (out of the 14 there) told me we had to have both!! And so we did! We loved these two dogs with all our hearts. Jump ahead to November 19, 2019 when we had to put Easton down due to kidney failure. To this day this still is very painful to handle and the tears still flow often. Bauer has learned to live without his “best friend” for nearly 11 months now but as any aging dog (or person) for that matter, is feeling the aches and pains of getting old. We had him on Flexadin Supplements from our Vet (for approx. $88 a bag) for quite some time but did not notice any difference in him. I did not have a problem with the cost as I would never put a price tag on my Dog, but more importantly he did not like the taste and therefore became as issue to get him to take them. I asked my Vet what else I could give him and he recommended Supplements containing the same ingredients as Mojo Pet Supplements. How times have changed but kudos to my Vet for making the suggestions! I wandered into a Boutique Pet Store close to me and they highly recommended MOJO, and here he is now on his 4th, 5th , and 6th bag!!! I have noticed a great improvement in Bauer’s demeanour – he has alot more jump in his step and a much greater appetite. He is even back to chasing the lawn mower when we cut the grass!!! He does get anxiety over thunderstorms and even that has subsided to some degree! I highly recommend this product and I will continue to purchase it for as long as Bauer continues to be by my side!!!

Thank you